Cool “SF Sound” poster by Volume Inc.

October 30, 2014 / Infographics, Inspiration, Posters, Print
SF Sound poster detail

OK, so I have a thing for infographics. I also really dig good music, cool looking posters and living in the cultural hotbed known as the SF Bay Area. Volume Inc’s “SF Sound” infographic poster is metaphorical giant “visual burrito” with all of my favorite ingredients. 

When Communication Arts comes in the mail, I get pretty excited to peruse. In this month’s Advertising Annual (Vol. 401, Nov/Dec 2014), there was a feature on Volume Inc. and there on page 46 is where I saw it. SF Sound is a visually engaging infographic poster that illustrates the history of popular music from the City by the Bay. Vibrant colors represent different musical styles and emanate from the center outward like an exploding star. Hip typography, a contrasting color palette and a fascinating historical topic make this print piece so great.

Check out the piece & buy a copy on Volume Inc’s website. Enjoy!