Infographics—Countless ways to get your visual buzz

November 16, 2013 / Design, Inspiration, Lifestyle
Different types of espresso

This is a tale of two of my favorite things: a good espresso drink and nice infographics. My family was having a lazy Sunday morning the other day; reading the paper and watching a little English Premier League, when my wife asked if I would make her a latte. How could I refuse such a request? What’s better than some good footy and a rich, creamy caffeinated beverage?

I started thinking about the different types of espresso drinks and decided that as a graphic designer, I should create a cool infographic illustrating those differences. After a quick Google search, I discovered that thousands of people had beat me to the punch!

If you didn’t know, I have a thing for infographics. The idea of organizing data then presenting those statistics in a visually engaging manner is pretty much the epitome of design. Seeing all of those espresso-based infographics in one place was incredible, so I collected some of my favorites and I’m showing them here. The spectrum of styles and methods is impressive: sleek-modern to hand-drawn cut-aways of cups all the way to business-style venn diagrams and crazy, circular wheels. There’s even some funny ones.

Hopefully; when you read this, you’re partaking in a nice macchiato or americano while you peruse (click on the images below). Check ‘em out  and enjoy!